5 Must have Uniqlo Pieces from Oberoi Mall to Keep You Stylish This Season

October 23, 2023 | Fashion
5 Must have Uniqlo Pieces from Oberoi Mall to Keep You Stylish This Season

It’s time to upgrade wardrobes! Uniqlo is now available at Malls in Mumbai. The brand has recently unveiled new stores in the city, one of which has opened in Oberoi Mall. Bringing the best of Tokyo’s fashion scene to Malls in Mumbai the introduction of the brand has generated a lot of excitement. Fashionistas are all geared up to get their hands on the latest collections.

We went to the fashion store in Mumbai and looking at the popularity of Uniqlo, we decided to make a list of “Must haves” from the brand.

Fleece Jackets:

Uniqlo’s latest, most trending collection is endorsed by none other than the Bollywood queen herself, Katrina Kaif. It’s the season of comfy, warm and cosy outfits, and these don’t fail to deliver on that. These fleece jackets are extremely soft and provide ultimate comfort for the cold seasons.

A worthy clothing piece to search for in the Uniqlo fashion store in Mumbai.

Ultra-Light Down Jacket:

We cannot stop admiring how good this looks! International fashion is available in malls in Goregaon. These bomber jackets are essential to make your wardrobe stylish this season. The lightweight materials make them popular among fashion stylists around the world. Get them at Oberoi Mall and take your fall/winter styles to the next level.

Knit Wear:

What’s better than Knit Wear for Fall/Winter wardrobes? These colourful, high-quality and soft sweaters are perfect for the season. Made in styles that are suitable for occasions, this entire collection has made its place on the list for its sheer versatility. We recommend you shop the entire collection at Oberoi Mall, one of the famous malls in Goregaon, Mumbai.

Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts:

Let us just state this; “No Winter wardrobe is complete without long-sleeved flannel shirts”. Extremely versatile and stylish pieces are a Fall/Winter staple. Tie them around the waist, layer them or just wear them on their own, they look perfect.

This does not end here because there’s a lot more to look out for in Uniqlo’s fashion store in Mumbai. Gear up fashionistas and style enthusiasts because Tokyo’s best fashion is now available at Oberoi Mall!