About Burger King

Burger King is an American restaurant chain known for its delicious menu of hamburgers & fast-food menu. Established in the year 1953, it has become one of the largest fast-food & hamburger chains globally. Loved by millions of people worldwide, its menu consists of a variety of burgers, whoopers, side dishes, beverages & much more. Whether you are a chicken lover or a vegetarian, Burger King has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds. The yummy menu of whoopers & burgers consists of different fillings & variants like paneer, cheese, fried chicken, grilled chicken & more. Customize your burger meal with the beverages menu that includes different shakes, coffee & soft drinks. Satisfy your fast food craving with the irresistible menu at this Burger King outlet in Oberoi Mall.
Burger King - Located at: #3-01
Phone No.:- 022-40107506