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Oberoi Mall’s Environment Friendly Ganesh Utsav Celebration

We, at Oberoi Mall, firmly believe in keeping it connected to the nature in the most organic form to preserve the earth and simultaneously keeping up the dignity of the hands that carve the eco-friendly Ganesha that would be worshiped for the next 5 days with vigor and excitement.

As it’s a well well-known fact that the non-environmental friendly idol on being immersed in the water bodies do not dissolve completely and later turn out being water pollutants and littering the environment. In order to contribute our bit for the nature entrenched the 3 Core elements for Oberoi Mall’s 2018 Eco Friendly Ganesha Mandap.

Firstly Bamboo , in it’s true from is one of nature’s best resources. Recent Kerala floods have shown us the mighty power of the earth when it is not taken care of. Bamboo with its widespread root system and large canopy it becomes a valuable resource is solely capable enough to prevent massive soil erosion & sustains riverbanks just as how Lord Ganesha looks after the Earth’s Sanchaalan.

Secondly Earth, being the very element that Lord Ganesha governs over has Sadhu Matti (Natural Clay) as the closest representative of earth. Therefore, it proves to be an eco-friendly and auspicious medium for carving the ‘Ganesha Murti’ out of it. Found along the river beds of Gujarat & Rajasthan, idol created from the Sadhu Matti cause zero pollution when immersed in a water body.

Lastly The Artist , For us at Oberoi Mall, people are as important as symbolism. On our part we have taken on the challenge of working with local artisans who use natural materials and their hands to create elements of great beauty. Prowling through the lanes of Dharavi and we reached the colony of potter’s colony, Kumbarwada; a 100 year old establishment of potters that settled into Mumbai after leaving their home town of Saurashra Gujarat. Our search led us to meet Atulsahib and Suraj who handmade each and every one of the 320 earthen pots on display. We applaud their effort and creativity and were thrilled to use local artisans in this installation.